NiZn Rechargeable Battery AA/2500mWh Card wrap

Short Description:

1.Single cell capacity under the following
condition:Per charging description
2.After a few charge and discharge
cycles under 1)condition
3.Use Recommended charging systerm
4.With useGood for all application:Digital camera,portable video,game,flashlight,remote control,toy,MP3/MP4 player,electric razor


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NiZn Rechargeable Battery AA/2500mWh

Dismensions(With tube):
D:14.5mm Max
H:50.5mm Max
Cap:1.0mm min Consumer Cap

Type:Nickel-Zinc Battery


Nominal Voltage:1.6V

Charging Current time
Fast Charge:0.5C to 1C in Amps to 1.9V/cell taper charge and cut-off

Ambient Temperature
Fast Charge:0℃-40℃
Discharge Condition:0℃-50℃

Storage Condition
Less than 30days:-20℃-50℃
Less than 90days:-20℃-40℃
Less than 1 year:-20℃-40℃

Intermal Impedance(after discharge to E.V.=1.0):≦20mΩ(at 1000Hz)
Weight:bout 25.0g
Size:Diameter x Height:14.5(D)x50.5(H)mm Max

Model Size Weight Voltage Capacity Action

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