Empowering Independence in Medical Health

Medical devices must be precise and reliable. More and more customers rely on our solutions when they need detection safety: blood glucose monitoring, insulin pumps, smart baby monitors and thermometers.
Our innovations contribute to fully automated production. We have become an important partner in many areas around medical technology.

Energy Solutions

Power for medical applications

Lithium-Ion Button Cells

Powerful and long-lasting power supply for wearables and other mobile applications with highest energy density.

Nickel-Metal Hydride Button Cells

From 1.2v to 4.8v, from 8 mAh to 250 mAh - VARTA offers a full range of rechargeable button cells with high capacity.

18650 Lithium ion Battery

Long running time and high reliability for a wide range of applications.

LiFePO4 Cylindrical Battery

The LiFePO4 cylindrical battery cell uses an innovative battery production process, low pollution and high quality. 

NiMH battery pack
NIMH Battery/Pack

Batteries have a higher capacity. More environmentally friendly, and no memory effect

NICD Battery/Pack

Long running time and high reliability for a wide range of applications.

1 (1)1
Li-polymer battery

Complete standard product range in the highest quality.Flexible and user friendly

 Customized Battery Pack

Professionally design battery pack solutions according to the actual situation of your project

Devices powered by PKCELL cells