Can I Charge My Lithium Battery With A Lead Acid Or Ni-Ch Charger?

Can I Charge My Lithium Battery With A Lead Acid Or Ni-Ch Charger?

This is a question we often get asked. Lithium batteries are not like lead acid batteries, and not all battery chargers are the same.
Lithium batteries require a Constant current/Constant voltage (CC/CV) charge type with simple Bulk, Absorption, Float stages. Many lead acid chargers have desulphation and equalisation stages built in, which will pulse high voltages of 15.3-15.8V into the battery.

Lithium chargers are based on a CV/CC (constant voltage/constant current) charge algorithm. The charger limits the amount of current to a pre-set level until the battery reaches a pre-set voltage level.  The current then reduces as the battery becomes fully charged.  This system allows fast charging without the risk of over-charging and is suitable for Li-ion and other battery types.


PKCELL launched three different types of battery chargers, mainly Charger for Li-ion battery, Charger for Ni-MH/Ni-Cd battery, Charger for Ni-MH/Ni-Cd battery & Li-ion battery sub item, Charger for Ni-Zn battery sub item,Mainly for charging AA or AAA lithium batteries,

Lithium Battery Pack Charger

If you are using a lithium battery pack, the first step in determining what size battery charger you need is to make sure you know:

  • Battery Amp Hours (Total Capacity)
  • Battery voltage (total voltage)
  • How fast you need to charge the battery (in hours)

It is also recommended to check the charge capacity of the battery management system (BMS).

If you have more than one lithium battery, you will also need to decide how to connect them.

It is highly recommended to connect lithium batteries in parallel rather than in series.

When connected in series, one battery will say it's fully charged and cut off charging before the second battery is fully charged. So it is not recommended to connect lithium cells in series because you cannot control the voltage of individual cells. By connecting in parallel you always have control over the voltage.

The bottom line is that not all chargers are created equal, and you need to make sure yours, or the one you're considering buying, includes a lithium charging profile. Or the charger you are considering buying can include your battery model, which is very important.

A dedicated lithium battery charger will help ensure you maintain economical battery life and get the most out of your lithium battery.

Post time: Nov-29-2015