5C high discharge rate

Li-ion Rechargeable Battery
Lithium ion (Li-ion) battery /battery pack have Energy Type, 5C, 10C high discharge rate Type, button cell. They are widely used in many different fields. The future development trend is that Lithium batteries will replace the ni-mh, ni-cd batteries, lead-acid batteries. We are professional lithium battery manufacturer, and we can provide customer power solutions.

Key Features:
1. High Operating Voltage (3.7V)
2. High energy density, Advanced technology provides ultra-high capacity Li-ion batteries
3.Wide operating temperature range: Charge at 0~45℃
Discharge at –20~60℃
4. Designed for a safe operation, all batteries are equipped with multiple safety features, including a safe shut-down separator and a safety vent
5. High-output and high-load characteristics; Max Continuous discharge rate is at 5C
6. Low self-discharge rate: under 3% self-discharge for one year
7. long cycle life over 500 times
8. No memory effects
9. Comply with IEC62133 CB CE safety standard
10.Safe to ship : MSDS, UN38.3 cert. available

GPS, GSM modem, Bluetooth Keyboard, Auto electronics, Toys, Barcode scanner,Tax Machine, Portable device, Light, Tracking system, Cash Machine, POS Terminal, Mine Equipment ,Alarms and security systems, Power bank, E- cigarette, Medical device, Electric bike, Electric scooter,etc

Customized Design:
Customized design battery pack is available, below Cell model list is only for reference, CONTACT US for detailed information and customized solutions.
Model Nominal Voltage(V) Dimension Capacity(mAh) Discharge Performance
Diameter(mm) Height(mm)
ICR10180 3.7 10.3 18 80 5C
ICR16310 3.7 16.8 31 550 5C
ICR18650 3.7 18.3 65.2 1500 5C
ICR18650 3.7 18.5 65.2 1900 5C
ICR18650 3.7 18.5 65.2 2000 5C
ICR18650 3.7 18.5 65.2 2200 5C
ICR18650 3.7 18.5 65.2 2500 5C
ICR21700 3.7 21.3 70 4000 5C
ICR22430 3.7 22.3 43.2 1200 5C
ICR26350 3.7 26.3 35.2 1900 5C
ICR26650 3.7 26.3 65.2 4200 5C